With cyber crime on the rise! Businesses more than ever need to protect their computer networks and data from cyber attacks.  Common misconception people have about cyber security cyber security is  they will never be hacked, antivirus software and backups will protect me.  This is a dangerous mindset to have about computer security.

An effective Cyber Security program  requires a layered approach.  One weak link the chain could mean disaster for your business.  Ransomware, phishing emails, compromised email accounts, employee theft and poor data backups are common cyber security threats businesses face today.

Today’s cyber threat landscape requires business owners to protect customer records, control what employees can and cannot do on the Internet, and monitor computer networks for threats.

Cyber Secure New York offers solutions custom tailored to secure your companies valuable data.  Everything from training your employees to recognize threats to security monitoring and disaster recovery.  Remember when it comes to cyber security people are the weakest link in the chain!

PEOPLE ARE THE WEAKEST LINK IN THE CHAIN Is your companies valuable data secure?

Cyber Security
Cyber Security


One of the most overlooked aspects of security is the threat of data loss and theft of intellectual property.  As a business owner you are faced with these threats every day.  A disgruntled employee for example who leaves your company could easily walk out of your office with sensitive or confidential pertaining to projects your company has been working on.  Worse yet employees who have access to your customer database or sensitive financial information could shop this around to a competitor or on the internet.  Another way you could loses information is if an attacker breaks into your computer networks be it with a virus or social engineering and steals your companies valuable information.

Without proper access controls to sensitive data your company could face legal challenges, loss of business to competitors or worse yet closes down and go out of business.  

Cyber Secure New York has the solutions your business absolutely needs.  We can monitor your computer network for threats, protect against data leakage and stop ransomware in its tracks.  Our solutions provide you the business owner with total network visibility so for example you can know exactly who copied financial information to a flash drive and who printed out lists of client contact information.

We can work with your employees to train them to look for outsider threats.  Don’t fall victim again to fake Microsoft scammers and social engineers.  Our Cyber Security Threat training solutions will help you and your employees stay vigilant against the latest threats.

Large companies hacked in the past include... Equifax, Target, Home Depot, Sony Small businesses are virtually defenseless against cyber attacks


The proliferation of crypto currencies like Bitcoin and the growth of the dark web have created a haven for cyber criminals to conduct malicious activities online.  Don’t fall victim to ransomware scams.  Cyber Secure New York’s next generation antivirus and backup solutions will give you peace of mind when conducting business online of browsing the web.  Our solutions can block ransomware and stop your data from encrypting.  We monitor your computer networks vigilantly from our security operations center to keep your business protected.

Don’t risk losing your business and hard work to bad data backups.  Our Share Sync cloud backup and DATTO solutions can prevent you from ever losing valuable data gain.  Depending on an external hard drive for backup is reckless as backing up to one hard drive creates a single point of failure.  If the drive were lost, stolen or crashed your data will be gone forever.

Without proper computer backups and monitoring there is no way to verify integrity of your data.  Cyber Secure has you covered and will recover your data to a working state in the fastest time possible so you may continue to operate your business.  

Cyber Security
Cyber Security


Cyber Security is a layered approach.  Each link in the chain must be reinforced to protect against breaches.  Without proper coverage of your IT assets an attacker can breach your company and wreak havoc on your business.  Don’t fall victim to Cyber Crime!  Cyber Secure New York will build out a custom information security protocol for your firm so that you can have peace of mind your organization data remains secure.

Example threats

  • Ransomware, Malware, Spyware
  • Data theft
  • Insider threats
  • Improper backups
  • Social engineering
  • DDoS
  • Loss of laptop/Mobile device
Cyber Security
Cyber Security