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IT consultants help organizations focus on how they can best use Information Technology (IT) for achieving their business objectives. They assist organizations in deploying and managing the IT infrastructure on the client’s behalf.

Cyber Secure New York specializes in Outsourced Managed IT solutions for small businesses, break-fix clients and residential / home office clients

We offers a range of consulting services such as:

  • Onsite and Remote Support
  • Managed Infrastructure (Workstations, Servers, Firewalls, Wifi, etc)
  • Data Backup  / Disaster Recovery/ Business Continuity Planning
  • IT Procurement / IT Asset Disposal
  • Laptop and Mobile Device Management
  • Network Monitoring, Threat Intelligence and Digital Forensics
  • Wireless Network Deployments
  • Voice Over IP Phone Systems
  • Virtual CIO and Outsourced Support for your in-house IT department

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Past Projects

Midtown NYC Law Firm

Deployment of new workstations, server and firewall.  Client was unhappy with existing IT provider level of service. Quote provided by old IT company gave the client sticker shock. Cyber Secure New York was consulted for the project.  In the end we were able to save the client $10,000 dollars on firewall deployment alone.  Left over money was applied to new workstations and file server upgrade.  The old firewall we replaced was a Cisco ASA 5500 with a SOPHOS SG115 firewall.  A new Dell power edge T30 server and 8 dell optiplex workstations were deployed to the firms network.

Before Network Upgrade Project

After Network Upgrade Project

Laptop LCD replacement for Residential Client / Small Business

A residential client of Cyber Secure New York requested a house call to replace broken LCD screen for laptop they use for their small business.  The client works in sales and needed the laptop fixed as soon as possible so they may continue working.  CSNY sourced the replacement part for the laptop and replaced the LCD screen at the clients apartment.  Client was extremely satisfied with the quality of work and response time for the LCD replacement.  They were able to get back to work immediately. 

Laptop HDD replacement Residential Client / Property Manager

A residential client of Cyber Secure New York requested a house call to replace broken Hard Drive for a laptop they use for their small business.  The client works owns several commercial and residential properties in Westchester County, New York.  With tax season kicking into high gear the client cannot afford to lose any Quickbooks data and needed the laptop working as soon as possible so they can update the company file for their accountant.  CSNY sourced a brand new SSD drive for the laptop.  We successfully cloned the data from the failing drive to the new Solid State Drive without any data loss within two hours.  Client was extremely happy.



WiFi Deployment Midtown NYC Tech Company

Midtown NYC Tech company experiencing extremely slow WiFi connectivity to the internet during business hours.  Cyber Secure New New York was contacted to perform a site survey.  We determined the existing wireless infrastructure, a linksys wireless router was inadequate for the needs of a 20 person company.  A site survey concluded there was minimal wireless interference from outside access points.  CSNY ran new cat5 ethernet cables and installed 3 Ubiquity wireless access points for the client.  There have been no reported wireless issues since the work has been completed.

Downtown NYC Law firm Cable Management Project

A law firm located in downtown Manhattan requested assistance from Cyber Secure New York to clean up messy cables left over by their previous IT provider.  We spent several hours untangling a web of cables.  The cables were successfully reorganized, network equipment mounted on the wall and the cables zip tied together.  Our project for the client left minimal impact on the network and VOIP phone systems.


Sonicwall Deployment for NYC Resturant

NYC based restaurant contacted Cyber Secure New York for a firewall deployment after failing PCI compliance.  We replaced the old consumer grade router with a Sonicwall firewall appliance.  Setup virtual lan and firewall rules to isolate guest wifi network from point of sale system.  This device is currently remotely managed by CSNY and provides us with alerts when network connectivity issues occur.

SOPHOS WiFi Firewall Deployment – Westchester County, NY Based Restaurant

Cyber Secure New York was consulted by a westchester based restaurant for a new firewall for PCI compliance.  Additionally they requested an upgrade to the restaurant WiFi network so guests can browse the web with their smartphones.  We replaced Verizon Fios with optimum online at request of the restaurant owners.  Coordinated the cut over of the old network to the new network equipment with the restaurants point of sale vendor. The computer equipment was labeled, virtual lan created along with firewall rules for the guest wifi/POS network. 

NYC Auto Repair Shop Cable Management

A local auto repair shop contacted Cyber Secure New York to reorganize computer cables and mount network equipment on the wall.  We spent a few hours untangling and tracing cables successfully reorganizing the equipment with minimal impact to the business.